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Kofile Conversion Services is one of the oldest US-based companies providing conversion/migration of digital data from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). Kofile Conversion Services is headquartered in North Carolina.

The Kofile Conversion Services team is focused solely on digital data conversion services. No project is too small or too large - we can accommodate conversion projects ranging from gigabytes of data to terabytes of data, and even larger.

Our staff has over 75 years of combined experience involving system development, digital data conversion services and project management. The staff has been together providing digital data conversion services for 20 years. Because of this experience and continuity, customers can benefit from our extensive knowledge of the incredible diversity of both legacy systems and the current-day systems to which information must be moved. Each of the infinite number of possible conversions can be like a puzzle, with pieces involving software, hardware, index/metadata remapping, specific import formats, business rules, and other customer requirements. No conversion project is alike - all are customized for your specific and unique requirements!

Kofile Conversion Services has won a reputation for solving the puzzle. You can leverage our expertise for your conversion project.

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