Project Process


Kofile has extensive experience with the conversion of various document imaging, COLD archive, check archive, and signature card systems. Throughout our years in the conversion business, we have developed many applications and utilities, designed specifically for the conversion of these types of systems.

Implementation Methodology

Conversion projects are all unique, like puzzle pieces, and each one requires careful planning, analysis, and implementation. No two source systems are alike. There is no cookie-cutter approach that can be taken with these projects. We have devised a methodology that can be applied to any conversion project. This methodology is used for any type of digital conversion project, be it an imaging, reports/COLD, check archive, etc.

Source System

Image Archive

COLD/Reports Archive

Database(s) with metadata

Neutral Format

Native image formats

ASCII text

Metadata de-normalized

Delimited text files

Target System

Formatted Images

Formatted Reports

Metadata in specified load format

For a more detailed look at our process and other factors to consider, click here.  Or download a printable copy in PDF form, from our Resource Center.